Sunday, April 11, 2010

Considering traveling with hybrids? Here's a peek at Grobaby!

So we're still waiting on baby girl to make an appearance. Thankfully she's still hanging out at almost 36 weeks. Of course, this makes it hard to do a cloth diapering blog since I have no one to try the diapers on, but I thought of something that might be helpful so here we go!

Are you traveling and considering a hybrid system? I really love the Grobaby biosoakers (I have tried them on my 4 year old). They have some elastic in them that seems like it would keep messes inside a bit better than the Gdiaper insert or FLIP (since both of them are flat).

SO what is there to consider when traveling. I think the #1 consideration is SPACE. Flying? Well, space and weight is going to be an issue, especially if you are flying one of the airlines that charges per bag. If you can order biosoakers and have them shipped directly to where you are traveling, I highly recommend doing so. Bring your shells and it won't take up any space.

If you are driving and space is your only concern (not weight) The biosoakers box is approx the size of a size 3 or 4 package of diapers, yet there are almost twice as many biosoakers than disposables per package. (50 vs. 35)

The shells themselves also take up very very little room. This is a stack of 10 shells.

And here's one preloaded: