Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flats and handwashing challenge: what I learned

Sorry I'm late with this post but I haven't been feeling well this week at all. In fact, I've taken it to the ultimate extreme from last week and we've been using Gdiaper flushies in the Flip covers. I just can't deal with more laundry right now.

Anyway...the FAHC was a good experience. It taught me that it IS possible to cloth diaper your baby for less than $100, it IS possible to hand wash, it IS possible to use only 5 covers...that said, I wouldn't WANT to do it full time. If I was in the situation where I had to choose between food and diapers, I'd find whatever I had around the house that would absorb and use that so my family could eat, but I can't say I'd be happy about it.

We didn't have any leaks, except the first day with the onesie over the weehugger that wicked. Even at night, we didn't have any problems. I did have to switch up the covers because DD figured out that velcro is super fun to undo, so I dug out the snapping covers we had.

Kim summed up my feelings in her post at I am grateful for my husband's job that allows me to stay home with by babies. I am grateful for my washer and dryer. I am thankful that I don't have to hand wash.

But I could if I needed to. And that's what the challenge was for. To see if it was possible. And it is.

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