Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 7...the finish line!

I'll be back tomorrow with my "what I've learned from this experience". Yesterday's total was 9 diapers. I washed them as they came off her, which was actually even easier than the wonder washer. The wind dried everything very quickly.

I'm finishing up tonight. She'll sleep in our bullet proof night time solution of 1 little-lions flat (diaper bag folded) and 1 tiny birds flat padfolded inside it under an UNlanolized kissaluvs wool cover. The cover is thick enough that I have found she doesn't need it to be lanolized at all. Not a leak. Not even any dampness. It's spectacular!

I may do this again, just for the "green" aspect of it. It wasn't bad. There was a few times I wished I could grab a velcro AIO to slap on her, but in actuality, she's taking EVERYTHING with velcro off so quickly, I would have regretted that in an instant.

I am surprised how much I LOVE econobum covers for flats. I love flips too. I had fallen out of love with them, but found the love again :)

More tomorrow, hopefully with pictures too!

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