Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flats challenge Day 3!

Yesterday went MUCH smoother than the first day. We were gone most of the morning and I planned for a leak, but that padfolded swaddlebees flat held for 2 1/2 hours no problem. In fact, I actually gave them all a better run and she only went through 7+1 gerber as a doubler. Now, I will admit she wore a disposable to bed last night. DH got her out of the bath and put it on her and I wasn't going to go switching it (he gets a little offended when I do that). Kim said we could use our regular night time set up... I did one load of laundry this morning. In the wonder wash, we can do a wash cycle (I rinse them all as they come off of her and put them straight into the washer) and a rinse cycle to get the bubbles out in about 7 minutes. DD1 actually did it all today, she likes turning the handle. Fine with me!!

Yesterday's poop was exactly the same as day #1. I got smart and used a FLUSHABLE liner (woohoo!) so that turd went down the toilet. Awesome. No rinsing required. Although the cover retained some of the poop smell, so I hand washed it in the sink w/ dish soap.

This it the only picture you get today. The 7 flats drying on our back porch. Because of super strict HOA covenants, we aren't allowed to have a line. I'm not sure THIS is even allowed, but I kind of hit it behind the trampoline, so unless someone is super nosey, I doubt anyone will notice.


  1. I hate that apartment managers and HOAs are so against people having an economical and ecofriendly way to dry laundry. I love the look of laundry on the line. It makes a neighborhood look alive.

  2. I TOTALLY agree! I would love love love to have a line. I don't want to pay the $200 fine though. Bah!