Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flat challenge Day 2!!

So yesterday went perfectly except for the 1 leak with the weehugger cover. Because of that, I've decided to swap it out with another econobum cover.

We did laundry last night at about 5 PM. At that count, there were 10 flats in the wonder wash. This morning, I decided to get caught up again and there were another 7 in rotation. 17 diapers in 24 hours. Granted, she was coverless most of the day and I double diapered her several times but 17 diapers! Wow!! I would suggest to anyone planning to do this full time to have at LEAST 2-3 dozen in rotation.

We had one poop. I have been using home made fleece liners and I will admit I threw that one away. DD's BM was the consistency of warm chunky peanut butter and I did not feel like dunking and swishing it off a liner that cost me $.02.

For night time last night, I double diapered her in 2 tinybirds colorgrown organic flats, an additional colorgrown organic cotton doubler and a HUGE fleece liner under a kissaluvs wool lover diaper cover. She woke up completely...........................dry??? Whaaaa?? Ok, I wasn't expecting that at all. Since the wool cover is not part of my 5 cover rotation, I changed her into a padfolded flat and econobum to take DS to school.

So here's a short video clip of my 5 year old helping wash the diapers in our wonder washer. I'm not sure how much more effective this is than washing them in the sink, but she thinks it's fun. Please excuse the color of my bathtub, I haven't bleached it after a dye project I completed...

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  1. Im loving what the one next to the blue stripes! Its cute!