Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've narrowed it down!

Ok, I've got myself down to 30 flats (some I have to double because DD2 is a heavy wetter) and 5 covers. The covers we'll be using are:
Grovia (for padfolding)
Flip w/ aplix
Thirsties duo size 2 w/ aplix
Econobum *second quality* from
Weehugger with snaps *second quality* from

I am fortunate enough to have a wonder washer handy (we bought it for our emergency supply stuff) and so I will be using it for the washing instead of a camp style washer. I need to learn how to work it anyway.

Stay tuned for some pictures as we get started!

Oh, and I just realized that we MIGHT be traveling the weekend of the 30th, so this really might end up being quite challenging...we'll see!

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